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Jan 8/2021

Refuge Service News - See you Saturday at 7:00 pm

Our Refuge community has continued to meet online during this COVID season through Zoom Small Groups and a weekly service posted to a variety of social media platforms.The Refuge online service has moved to being a weekly online gathering premiering every Saturday at 7:00 pm.You can jump online starting at 6:45 pm. There will be options to online chat, request prayer, interact with Refuge leaders,…

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Jan 6/2021

A New Round of Connex Groups

The next round of Connex Groups are starting up in a couple of weeks! This is a great time to jump into one of these short-term community experiences. You can check out the variety of groups being offered here or on the Heartland app.For those looking to experience a longer term commitment, check out a Life Group. Life Groups are always available and welcoming new people.

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Jan 4/2021

Thank You Robin Hood

We had a chance to bless our community partner, Robin Hood Association, as they navigate this difficult time. Thanks Robin Hood, for all you do for our community!

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Jul 11/2020

Pure Religion: What's the point?

Religion. Many things, both good and evil, have been done in the name of religion. Many things have been done in the name of the Christian religion. We can see the mercy ministry of Mother Theresa, the generosity of the church toward the poor and the destitute, the abolition of slavery, the lives enriched by missionaries, and hope instilled into hopeless situations. But there was also the war in the…

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Apr 1/2020

19-Minute Prayer Challenge

Unique times like these call us to engage as Christians. What if we intentionally prayed for 19 minutes about the COVID-19 health emergency?   Why not use the number 19 as a reminder to pray rather than be afraid or tune out?  Start today! Let’s take the prayer challenge today – and maybe even tomorrow and beyond that. What if we redeem our quarantine time with some prayer? Will you take…

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