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19-Minute Prayer Challenge

May 5/2020


Unique times like these call us to engage as Christians. What if we intentionally prayed for 19 minutes about the COVID-19 health emergency?  

Why not use the number 19 as a reminder to pray rather than be afraid or tune out? 

Start today! Let’s take the prayer challenge today – and maybe even tomorrow and beyond that. What if we redeem our quarantine time with some prayer? Will you take the 19-minute prayer challenge?

What should you do? Below is a simple outline for you to follow. It’s meant to be a guide to help show you the way. God bless you as you pray!

Commit this time to the Holy Spirit.

Ask for His help and insight on how to pray in each area. Set a timer and challenge yourself to pray for one minute for each item on this list. 

  1. Read through Psalm 91
  2. God’s peace 
  3. God’s perspective
  4. God’s power
  5. God’s victory 
  6. Prime Minister Trudeau 
  7. Federal Health leadership 
  8. Premier Kenney
  9. Provincial Health leadership
  10. God’s wisdom
  11. God’s leadership 
  12. God’s protection 
  13. God’s innovations
  14. Community awakening 
  15. Community seeking 
  16. Heartland leadership 
  17. Heartland small groups
  18. Heartland thriving 
  19. Heartland growing


How was that for you?  

  • What worked? What didn’t?  
  • What could you add tomorrow?
  • Is there another Scripture passage to pray over?  
  • Could you bring in a journal?  
  • Could you pray through this with your family or small group?  
  • Let us know in the comments below.

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