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Could YOU serve at Alpha?

Jan 9/2020


Whenever I talk to someone in the church about their evangelism experience, I’m fully prepared for most to respond with something like, “I just don’t know what to say,” or “I’m afraid I’ll say the wrong thing.”  It seems to me that fear of not having precisely the right words is the greatest inhibitor to people having spiritual conversations.  And truth be told, I often struggle with the same fear when I’m considering a conversation with a non-believing friend or neighbour.

That’s why I am so thankful for the Alpha program!  Contrary to what many people think, Alpha is not an “answer-based” approach to evangelism.  Alpha is designed to create a safe environment for non-believers to share where they are at and talk through their questions, objections, disagreements and disbelief.  The videos contain very solid biblical teaching, but the discussion around the tables after each video is actually designed to encourage people to voice their own thoughts and opinions, without fear of being corrected or argued with.

Because of this, we actually don’t want people who “have all the right answers” to help lead at Alpha – or at least we don’t them to come with the intention of being the “right answer person.”  The role of Table Host or Helper is best done by someone who is willing to listen well, show love and concern for others, and be available to share their own experience when an Alpha guest wants to know more.  It really is the non-evangelist’s perfect evangelism opportunity!


So why not consider helping at Alpha this year?  Take a risk, and come and see what God might want to do through you at Alpha!  For more information, or to sign up to serve, please contact Pastor Greg at the church office.

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