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COVID-19 What do we do?!?! 

Mar 22/2020


How can we walk in abundance with Jesus in times like these?

I don’t know about you, but it has been quite a week.  Last Wednesday seemed like business as usual and then suddenly COVID-19 interrupted in a whole new way.

Our pastoral leadership team had an impromptu meeting on Thursday morning.  We prayed and talked about how to respond as a church.  By that same afternoon, most of our choices were out the window.

This is a rapidly changing situation that has really shocked me.  How about you?

I feel like I’m in a movie or a surreal situation.  The thing is … it is really happening.

So what do we do?  I know that’s a loaded question but what do we do?

I want to ask you to turn again to Jesus Christ.  He has the answers to every question.

Listen to this promise from Jesus in John 14:27. 

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

This is a very significant promise in the Bible.  It spans all the different challenges that Christians have faced over the centuries.  It is real and true and alive for us right now.

How can we take this promise to heart right now?

Take a moment right now to identify what your main response is to this crisis is.  Stop.  Take a breath. Ask the Holy Spirit to help.  Maybe you’re not sure.  What is your first response to the reality that your life is caught up in a global health emergency?

Anger, confusion, frustration, fear, mockery, greed, envy or feeling overwhelmed can all be possible responses.  There are others as well.

Take that one word that represents your response the best.  Picture yourself putting that word into your hands.

Now look at that word and admit that was your response.  You can say something like “Lord Jesus, I admit that _______________ is my response to this global health emergency.”

I want you to take that word and visualize yourself placing it into the hands of Jesus.  As you hand this word to Jesus, tell Him that you are willing to place it into His hands.  See yourself giving it to Him.

I believe that the Lord Jesus has things to say to you and to give you in place of this word.  Ask Jesus what that is.  Wait on Him to act.

The Lord Jesus is alive and active.  He is happy to meet with you.  He is pleased to take your word out of your hand.  He is strong enough to take it onto Himself.

Jesus also can give you everything that you need in place of that word.  Will you receive it?

It’s one thing to know the truth.  It’s a whole other thing to really receive this truth.  Jesus wants us to walk in abundance with Him especially in times like these.  

Keep your eyes on Him.  Keep interacting with Him moment by moment.  Let’s keep praying for each other.  God bless you!

What did you see Jesus give you in place of your word?  We would love to hear your comments on this passage and this spiritual exercise.  Please share it below.

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