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Watching this week's sermon online, from a distance!

Mar 14/2020


This week is new territory for our church and our community around us as we go from meeting together for our services and other regular community gatherings to practicing safe social distancing. The moment we find ourselves in is not without lots of disappointments, fear of the unknown and questions. But we can take comfort that God remains in control and God designed the church for moments like this, to be his vehicle of love and care to the world.

This week's sermon we will all watch together online. Pastor Al carries on in our Gospel of John series taking a look at John 13:1-17. In this passage Jesus washes his disciples's feet.

Pastor Al reminds us that, everything Jesus said and did while on earth was to teach us about His Kingdom and how to live well in it.

Hours before His death, He demonstrated and spoke of these important things (v 4-5):

  • make sure you’re clean (v 6-11) (Isa 53:3-6, 1 Jn 1:7-9, Mat 26:23)
  • practice a life of love (v 1, 34-35)
  • learn to be humble (Rom 12:3, Jam 4:6)
  • serve others (v 12-17)

Here is the sermon outline if you would like to download it to your device.

Let's watch together...

March 13-14, 2020 from Heartland Alliance Church on Vimeo.


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Doug Jones said on March 14, 2020

Thank you Al, Mike and your whole Leadership team. Clearly over these last days you’ve faced much uncertainty and unfamiliar territory in light of these times we’re in. I know you’ve leaned on God and trusted Him to give direction for you to make challenging decisions, and then you’ve acted on that direction. Thank you for your love for us , the same kind of love shown you in the church kitchen Al that day you needed it. You’ve made leadership choices - thank you for that -you’ve been wise and at the same time looked for innovative ways to use the technology available to us these days to keep us all together. Hearing God together, listening to His teaching He has for us together, praying together, serving each other together ... all of this, is being kept alive as we stay connected this way. With all this going for us.....hope and trust with regard to Him and these days we are in- well.....”if God is for us- who can be against us” right? Thank you for your unending encouragement , and I would ask that you would also take to heart the blessing you prayed over us online at the close of your time with us this week. You all need to receive and dwell in that too . God bless you this week and please, if there are others you work with that would be encouraged by these words -by all means - pass them on- you’re all doing that kingdom work you spoke about. Encouraging words are some of the most powerful life changing ones I’ve experienced. Please let your team know - thank you - it’s really just those simple two words-you make a difference- every day. God bless.....

Wayne & Natalie said on March 15, 2020

Thank you to our Heartland family for being so faithful to our Lord and Saviour and making this possible for His church family to continue to praise God and worship Him through these trying times. We are grateful that the enemy will not and cannot stop us from continuing to worship our Mighty Lord even if we can’t gather physically as one body. Thank you for being proactive and continuing services on line. May God continue to bless and protect each and everyone of you. Pastor Al, so glad to hear your sounding much better :) Yours in Christ

Gordon Raboud said on March 21, 2020

Good to see you go on-line. Do you want my help? Gord

Deanna Vaters said on March 22, 2020

Thank you for the live video. I've certainly been missing being able to go to church. Let's pray that this is over soon. Stay healthy and God bless.