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Marriage Retreats

Is your marriage thriving, challenged or in crisis?  Heartland Marriage Retreat is designed to solidify the foundation of your marriage relationship, uncover the root causes of unhealthy patterns, discover strategies that empower your marriage to flourish, and consider what long-term legacy God would have you to pursue as a couple.  Open to married couples at any stage of life.

Next Retreat:
March 20-21, 2020
Registration will open in January.

Small Group

This is where we seek to do Real. Life. Together.  It is in the context of community with other couples that we can learn from and be held accountable by those with whom we are connected.  In this environment, we see that our own struggles are often ‘normal’ as we watch and interact with other couples who struggle with similar things.  We can encourage each other and uphold each other in prayer as we walk out the joys and challenges of married life together as a small group.  Small group curriculum for both Life Groups and Connex groups can include the hot topics of parenting, finances, step-family challenges, communication and sexual intimacy that are not specifically addressed in the Marriage Retreat.

Individual Couple Roadmaps

In consultation with Pastor Barry, issues at hand are explored and a personalized outline is created with practical next steps for a couple to move forward towards marital health.


Marriage Nights

A night out for couples to interact with each other and add to their toolbox of how to make their marriage thrive.

Marriage Mentoring

You will be matched with another couple who can provide support, encouragement, and accountability to move forward in your relationship.  

For more information on any of our marriage resources please contact the church office at 780-467-7005.