FIND OUR LOCATION Saturdays at 6:15 pm and Sundays at 9:15 am & 11:15 am

Whether you have attended church your entire life or never been at all, we know it is not easy visiting a church for the first time. You are not quite sure what to expect and you probably have some questions. At Heartland, we want to do our best to give you the best experience possible. 

When Are Weekend Services?

There are three 75-minute services that happen on a weekend for adults. These services all have the same worship style and sermon. Heartland Kids is offered during all these services for Nursery to Grade 6 unless otherwise noted.

  • Saturdays at 6:15 pm
  • Sundays at 9:15 am and 11:15 am

Heartland also has an additional 75-minute service directed towards our Youth (Grade 7-12) called the Refuge. This Refuge service aims to meet the unique age needs of their target audience and help them experience the presence of God.

  • Saturdays at 6:15 pm - Junior High (Grade 7-9), High School (Grade 10-12)

What Should I Wear?

Whatever you want! We welcome jeans, t-shirts, dress pants, ties, dresses, shorts... you get the idea. Come as you are.

What Happens When I Walk In The Front Door?

Follow the people through the front door of the church. Our Guest Services Team will be there to welcome you and direct you in the right direction. If you are coming for the first time, we invite you to stop by Guest Services and pick up a welcome bag. The team would be happy to answer any of your questions. If you have kids, our Children's Ministry, called Heartland Kids, is just down the hall. The Heartland Kids Point Person will welcome you and help you find the right place for your kids. 

All of our Heartland volunteers will be wearing green Heartland lanyards. Feel free to ask your questions of anyone wearing a green lanyard. 

What About My Kids & Youth

At Heartland, we love children! We have dedicated teams and special spaces to help give both kids and youth a great experience.  Most weeks in the year, our Heartland Kids provides programming for children from nursery to grade 4. Our Youth Ministry provides programming for Grade 5-6 during weekend services.  There is a church service, called the Refuge, for Junior and Senior High School (Grade 7-12) each Saturday starting at 6:15 pm.  The service is followed by a fun social event.

What If I Missed The Weekend Sermon?

Did you miss the weekend sermon? Did you know you can still listen to or watch our weekend sermons online? We aim to have the previous weekend's sermon uploaded online by Monday afternoon. You can watch or listen online, download the podcast and view the sermon outline. Check out our Sermon page.

Other Questions?

Do you have more questions? Go to our Contact Form and let us know your questions. We are happy to help answer them.