Christmas Eve at Heartland

Easter in Ephesians Day 1 // Sunday March 28

Thanks for being here today!  Watch the short video and then follow the guide below for today's time in prayer and in the Word.

Click here to access the Heartland Kids Easter Countdown.

Gratitude: We can create a deep connection with Jesus when we start with being grateful.  Ask Jesus to bring to your mind something for which you are grateful.  Spend a few moments thanking Him for whatever it is that comes to mind.  It could be something small ... like a great cup of coffee or something big ... like the fact that you are alive and breathing today.  Take a moment to do that now.

Invitation:  Now take a moment to invite Jesus to come even closer to you.  Jesus is alive and eager to spend time with you today.  He has something special in mind for this time together.  Tell Him that you want Him to be in charge and to lead this time together.

Engage Scripture and ask for highlights:  Slowly read over Ephesians 1:1-21.  Ask Jesus to highlight parts of this passage to you.

What were some highlights?  Take note of what Jesus shows you and what stands out to you from this passage.

Respond:  How can you respond to what Jesus has highlighted to you?  It could be a new way to pray.  It could be a truth that you need to treasure.  It could be something for which you are thankful.  Thank Jesus for what He has shown you and then ask Him to show you the best way to respond.

Is there anything else?  Ask Jesus this question.  Sometimes we rush away and don't slow down to ask if Jesus wants us to know anything else about the passage we are reading through and focusing on.

Pray for Heartland:  We would love it if you would take some time to pray for our church family.  Pray that our church family would be awakened to the greatness of the forgiveness that we have through the cross of Jesus.
Pray that we would all have the spirit of wisdom and revelation so that the eyes of our hearts would be enlightened to the greatness of our inheritance in Jesus.  I realize that is a mouthful BUT this is what Paul prays for us ... so it must be important!

Pray for our weekend services, both online and in-person.  We want the Holy Spirit to move powerfully so that many people would grow deeper with Him and that many people would come to know Jesus Christ.  We want to reach as many people as we can.

Pray for our next generations in Heartland Kids and the Refuge.  Pray that they would experience the greatness of Jesus and the love of God in deep ways.  Pray for the teachers, staff and volunteers to passionately share with all these wonderful kids.  

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