Christmas Eve at Heartland

Easter in Ephesians Day 3 // Tuesday March 30

Thanks for being here today!  Keep pressing into Jesus and His Word.  Please watch this short video and then follow the prayer guide below.  

Click here to access the Heartland Kids Easter Countdown.
Gratitude:  Spend a moment asking Jesus to bring up anything that you are thankful for today.  Maybe it’s a time in your life where you felt really close to Him.  Maybe it’s a good memory from a time with family or friends.  Ask Him to help you with this and then spend time thanking Him for this memory.

Invitation:  Invite Jesus to come closer to you.  Tell Him that you trust Him and that He is Lord.

Engage with Scripture and ask for highlights:  Take some time to slowly read through Ephesians 2:11-22.  Ask Jesus to highlight words or sentences from this passage.
What were some highlights?  What stood out to you as you read this passage?  What did Jesus highlight for you?

Respond:  How can you respond to this passage?  To what is Jesus calling you?  What steps can you take today?
Is there anything else?  Ask Jesus to tell you more today.  What else might He be saying to you?  Take a moment to ask Him that question.

Pray for Heartland: Pray that our church family would experience the truth that we are truly reconciled to God.
Pray that our church family would experience the peace that this passage talks about.  We can know this peace in our minds, but the Lord wants us to experience His peace in a wholistic way.

Pray for all the relationships, families, and marriages at Heartland.  Ask Jesus to guide you as you pray.

Pray for Encounter God coming up on April 23-24.  Pray that many people would sign up so that they can experience a new freedom that Jesus has provided for them through the reality of Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  The power of the death and resurrection of Jesus sets us free!  Pray for this important retreat.

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