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March 23-29


Family Bible Memory Verse (BMV)

  • Print this week's BMV poster and put it up in a high traffic area.  Invite everyone in your household to learn the verse each week (preschoolers, elementary, teens and parents).
  • Come up with creative ways to memorize the verse.  This isn't meant to be a chore, but a wonderful opportunity to soak in the Word of God together as a family. 

Preschool Bible Truth 

  • In every unit our preschoolers will have a new Bible Truth that will journey with them through the unit they are studying.
  • We will be jumping part way into our preschool unit this week.  We have already completed the lessons Jesus Riding into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1-11, 15, 16) and Jesus Washing the Disciples Feet (John 13:1-7).  An idea for parents is to read over those stories with their preschoolers before Wednesday's activities are released. 
  • You can print this unit's Bible Truth and have fun reinforcing these truths of the Bible with your kids.

Downloadable Activities

  • Jesus Shares a Meal with His Friends Colouring Sheet (download)
  • Seek and Find Activity Sheet (download)
    • Can you find the lamb in this picture?  How about the cup?  This coming Wednesday, kids will "seek and find" the true story of Jesus' last supper with His disciples.  They'll learn that Jesus gave His body and blood for our sins so we can remember Him through communion.
  • Heart Word Search (download)
  • Other recently used activities:
    • Palm Leaf Craft (download)
    • Palm Leaf Craft Example (download)
    • Jesus Washes Feet Colouring Page (download)
    • Jesus Washes His Disciples' Feet Story Picture (download)


  • Preschool Weekend Experience


  • Grade 1-4 Weekend Experience



  • Weekend Family Challenge - Most Creative Meal (download)