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All children involved in Nursery, Preschool and Elementary must register for the 2018-2019 ministry year.

You can register Nursery, Preschool and Grade 1-4 by CLICKING HERE.

You can register Grade 5-6 by CLICKING HERE.

For more information contact Jennifer Peter (Pastor of Nursery & Preschool) or Judy Walker (Pastor of Elementary).

Heartland Kids Age Groups

Nursery & Age 2:

Nursery & Age 2 is provided in all 3 services by regular volunteers and parents of infants/toddlers on a rotating basis. Age 2 children will be learning of God’s amazing love for them in a simple classroom routine and program.

Preschool (Age 3-5):

Age 3-5 children will follow an exciting format, learning Bible stories with Mrs. Bird and Rocky. Children will be placed in the classroom that represents the age they will be on December 31 of the current ministry year. To keep classroom continuity we do not switch children into a new class during the year.

For more information contact Jennifer Peter (Pastor of Nursery & Preschool)

Elementary (Grade 1-6): 

The format for elementary incorporates a large group/small group approach to learning. In the large group, children will experience meaningful worship and creative teaching. Small group is a time for Bible reading, verse memorization, lesson related activities, personal application discussion and prayer time. 

For more information contact Judy Walker (Pastor of Elementary)