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Every leader needs to be constantly striving to learn more to help grow as a leader. Over time as a leader you begin to develop a leadership toolbox. These are the books, website, words of wisdom, thoughts, prayers, or people of influence that add to the collection of wisdom within you. If a leader isn't adding to their toolbox on a regular basis, that leader will become stagnant in their growth. As a result their leadership influence will also grow stagnant. As Small Group Leaders at Heartland Alliance Church we want to be intentional about putting resources into our leadership toolbox. Throughout the year, we will be adding to this page great resources to help you fill your toolbox. 

Heartland Video Training

Our Heartland video training is grouped into easy to watch modules that will help you understand what being a Small Group leader is all about, how to grow as a leader and how to effectively lead your group. Modules include helpful questions to ponder and printable resources.

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2019-2020 Dates to Note


4             Small Group Leader Orientation
7/8          Heartland Kick-Off Weekend
9             55+ Dinner 
12           Gather (Single Adults 25-40) Kick-Off
13           Small Group Leader Orientation
14/15      SG Promo/Leader Commissioning
15           Night of Worship
28           A Day for Men
29           Connex Groups Start-Up Week


1          Alpha Starts
13-18   Week of Prayer & Fasting
18        Night of Prayer
21        55+ Dinner
25-26   Mental Health First Aid Training


1-2       Encounter God
10        Night of Worship
23/24   Baptisms
24        Small Group Leader Huddle
25        Members’ Meeting
28-29   Women’s Christmas Community Celebration
29-30   Gather (Single Adults 25-40) Retreat


6          Men’s Hockey Night in Heartland
20        Gather (Single Adults 25-40) Christmas Banquet


9          Gather (Single Adults 25-40) Kick-Off
10-12   Gather (Single Adults 25-40) Retreat
11/12   SG Promo/Leader Commissioning
13        55+ Dinner 
18        Small Group Leader Training Workshop
25        Men’s Roundtable Breakfast
26        Winter Connex Start-Up Week
28        Alpha Starts
31-1     Single Adults 40+ Retreat


23        Night of Worship
23-28   Week of Prayer & Fasting
28        Night of Prayer


13-14   Men’s Promise Keepers Conference
20-21   Marriage Retreat
22        Night of Worship


3-5       Women’s Retreat
10        Good Friday Services
11-12   Baptisms
24-25   Encounter God


3         Night of Worship
4         Women’s Spring Community Celebration
TBD     Small Group Leader Huddle (offsite)


5-6       Live Free Retreat
12/13   Marriage Retreat
13/14   Baptisms
14        Night of Worship
27/28   BBQ & Picnic

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Right Now Media

Right Now Media is a discipleship resource for individuals and small group leaders. With a huge library of thousands of video sessions, Right Now Media creates content and hosts video resources from over 100 other major Christian publishers and ministries that can enhance your personal discipleship or the discipleship of your small group.

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Request your login access by emailing is an online resource associated with Christianity Today. It has helpful resources for small group leaders. The information published on this website is not intended to replace Heartland Small Group training resources. Unless specifically stated otherwise, the opinions expressed and statements made by various authors on this website reflect the author’s observations and do not imply endorsement by Heartland Alliance Church.