Summer Day Camps

Camp registrations are open!
Kids leaders ensuring fun and safety of our kids at Heartland Alliance Church.
Kids ministry children's minstry at Heartland Alliance Church in Sherwood Park
Kids leaders ensuring fun and safety of our kids at Heartland Alliance Church.

Spring Resources


Looking for lessons, videos and resources to explore at home? Right Now Media has tons for your whole family!
Email to gain access.
We have specific services, small groups and activities for grades 5 and 6 at Heartland Alliance Church.
Tender Hearts is the name of the childcare available during Heart to Heart, a women's group that meets every Wednesday morning.
We love to spend time with the children of these amazing women so they can dive deeper into God's word together.
Registration is required. There is a small fee of $10 per child to cover snack costs for the semester.
Click below to get more information on Heart to Heart!
We have specific services, small groups and activities for grades 5 and 6 at Heartland Alliance Church.
In Grade 5-6, we believe that the best version of life is a life modelled after Jesus. Live life together in a caring and safe environment where you can be challenged in your faith,
encouraged to live a life committed to God and have fun with friends in the process.
Nakamun Day is open for all students Grade 5-12.

We'll be meeting at Heartland at 8:00 am and then heading to Nakamun for lots of fun activities including zip lines, a climbing wall, a king swing, archery, beach games, pool time, and more!    
Lunch and supper are included. The day concludes with the Refuge service on the beach.
Bring your friends!  Everyone is welcome!

$45 per person


Small groups are up and running! Click below to register.


Hey kids (and families)!
Is there something you would like the Heartland Kids team to be praying for?
Let us know and we would love to pray for you and your family.


Enjoy the materials below with your family!  New resources will be added each month.


Need some ideas for praying with your kids? 
Heartland Kids has you covered!  We will be regularly posting new ideas and resources for praying at home with your kids.
Here is a great starting point with three simple ideas:

pause and pray at meal times

Pausing to pray before meals is a great way to bring the family together around the table.  
Being thankful creates a happy heart and modeling this thankfulness at mealtime promotes joy!

pause and pray when you wash your hands

We are washing our hands a lot today.  As you are washing, it’s easy to let your mind wander aimlessly.  In order to harness that minute of thought, ask the Lord for forgiveness and cleansing while the water runs over your hands.  Associating the acts of forgiveness and cleansing with hand-washing time is a beautiful picture of God’s grace that children can easily remember.

pause and pray when you need help

Is homework or doing school at home in a new way causing extra frustration?  Stopping to pray invites the Lord into the struggle and provides strength to continue trying. 
Perhaps your child is struggling with a friend issue or your family is experiencing a financial need.  To ask the Lord for help whenever we need it is a great way to teach your child to rely on Him for all needs.
Lose an item in your house?  
Ask God to help you find the item.


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Heartland Kids - Summer Coordinator
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