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Apr 2/2020


Hi Parents,

How is Spring Break going for you?

I think we can all agree that this week and the last few weeks have not gone the way we expected them to go.  Many had anticipated spending this week in a much warmer destination.  Maybe you had plans to connect with family or do special activities, or you had planned for your kids to attend a Spring Break camp.  None of these things happened.

Meanwhile, life still goes on and you still have kids who need their days filled – and not just for this week, but for weeks to come.

Parenting is tough on a good day.  There is no one-size-fits-all parenting manual.  Each of your kids, potentially, requires a different way of parenting.  Now, on top of how you have been doing things and parenting your kids, comes this pivot in our community and all around the world.

We go from insanely busy, over-programmed, running from place to place, fast food fueled, to a complete halt, where we are together in our homes with our kids … ALL THE TIME!

What do we do parents?

Well, we do what we always do …  We make it up as we go!  Right?  You know I am right.

But something is different about what we are experiencing this time.  The difference is, we are all in the same boat.  All kids have been sent home from school, had their activities shut down and cut off from friends.  All of us are without our usual go-to hangout places.  No parks, no recreation facilities and no friends’ houses.

We are all in the same boat …  We are not alone!

As a Heartland Kids Team, we want to communicate clearly that we are here for your family.  You are not alone!  The beauty of the church is that one of its design features is to provide care for the community.  As parents, we need to lean on that community more than ever.

Some of the places we have set up care for your family include:

But now, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we will be sending out new blog posts with thoughts for the family and helpful resources.

I look forward to walking this journey, together.

Take care,



Wade Gardiner

Pastor of Children, Youth & Young Adults - Team Lead
Heartland Alliance Church
o: 780-467-7005 ext. 243
c: 780-940-0862


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