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Day #4 - November 24, 2015

Nov 24/2015

El Salvador

This was day 2 of building and we definitely should all sleep well! The day started with a challenging devotional from Mark which touched many of the team.

Then we finished off the 2 houses we started yesterday and built 2 more so that's now a total of 7 built. For one single mother this is her first home and another family member also received a house on the same property. For another it is an answer to her prayer as she asked God for help 4 months ago when her husband passed away and this was just the time we were starting our trip plans. Then there was Hugo who was a young man who cleared a very rocky hill with some friends for his family's house. These guys worked for 4 days and nights to prepare a very difficult area so that a house could be built for his mother, brother and himself.

The day was also filled with many precious moments of playing with children, having children teach us Spanish words as we teach them English. Several of the kids also helped put in screws with cordless drills and loved it! Tonight we were able to hear Pablito & Rosita's testimony and all the things God is doing here. What an amazing family they have and they model God's love so well.

The team is still strong, learning from one another, challenging each other, praying for one another and having ice cream together! Please pray for us to get the remaining 7 houses done and stay healthy and strong!

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Tara Thompsom said on November 25, 2015

Great news and wondful touching stories! You are all an inspiration, keep strong and safe. Praying for you.

Elisabeth Kuster said on November 25, 2015

You all have done and still are a awesome job. The people must be soo happy ,and so are we .God Bless you all ,have a safe trip home. Love you all Elisabeth.

Mary Pace said on November 25, 2015

Hi Mike & Nadine: I tried to sen a message a few times but they didn't get through so I'm trying again. Everything is fine here. Braydon & Jesse are still alive....shouldn't have said that. I was reading the stories someone posted brought tears to my eyes. I am proud of you guys. Praying for all of you, may God continue to Bless you All and keep you safe...Love Mom