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Day #4 - April 6, 2016

Apr 6/2016

El Salvador

There is no sweeter sound than children’s laughter and today we reveled in all the laughter we heard as we spent a day with children from local Compassion Canada projects. These children are accepted into the Compassion Canada program based on extreme need. The excitement was palpable as we passed through the gates of a resort near the airport to meet and get our first hugs from our sponsored children. As our names were called, there was a mad rush of little bodies toward us to make that first contact. It was touching to see how open they were to be able to give a hug to someone they had just met.

We were able to go in the pool with them for fun and frolic. For some of them, this was their first time in a pool. We then had an amazing lunch, after which we celebrated the birthday of one of the sponsored girls. After that, there was time for more fun and games. Sponsors shared special moments with their sponsored children as they opened up their gifts from sponsors. When the time to go came, it was very difficult to say goodbye to these kids who had become like family to us. We will be able to keep in touch through letters, and who knows what the future holds for further visits.

After the Compassion visit, we visited the village of San Antonio, where a few members of our team had previously built houses with Shelter Canada. It was encouraging to see how the houses had been transformed into homes with obvious pride of ownership and care put into them. This site is more rural, so we saw flowers, green grass, and pigs and cows galore.

We returned to the McAllister’s home for an amazing supper pupusas (like tortillas with filling), and then had the chance to visit the sewing centre set up by Shelter Canada. In a shop overflowing with fabric, several of us picked out material for quilts to be made by the women at the centre. In our evening debrief, it was evident that God had touched people in many different ways throughout this day.

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Grace ARNASON said on April 7, 2016

It is so wonderful to see what GOD is doing in and through and with you all, as you "work unto HIM". Cool, since you were all handpicked to be there now, and to connect with all these folks who need to see the "feet and hands of JESUS". GOD bless you all! Psalm 136!