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Day #6 - November 26, 2015

Nov 26/2015

El Salvador

Yay! We completed all 14 houses! Praise God for His strength and for such team encouragement and unity. We have felt all your prayers and have had overwhelming joy and Gods grace.

All three teams were on board for this last build and it came together very quickly. A small group of us had the opportunity to go for a walk and we were able to look across the Valley to where we could see the mountains in Honduras. It was such a beautiful sight and we had some special time with Pablito. We are all taken by the beauty of this country with its lush greenery and landscapes.

After finishing the last house we were taken to two houses that the team from last year built. It was precious to see how the places looked one year later and how the homeowners had improved them, made them their own and their pride of ownership just shone through! It was very encouraging to us! Some of the team also got to see a very large spider and that was exciting for them.

This afternoon we went to the market to purchase supplies for the gift baskets as well as gifts to bring home. We were then blessed to hear from two young men who volunteer with Pablito & Rosita how they felt from the week of house building we had. It was a great opportunity to also share with them how much we appreciated them and loved spending time with them. They were such hard workers!

We also had the key ceremony this afternoon where we presented each homeowner with their keys, a bible and a gift basket. We had the opportunity to share with them how much we appreciated working on their homes as well as a scripture verse and a prayer. It was great and what was really interesting is that many of us shared with them what we felt was in our heart for them and we had 13 different verses and 14 different applications for the verses! Looking around the room it was very easy to see both the homeowners lives and ours being touched by these builds.

Some interesting highlights of the ceremony where that a team member had the opportunity to share God in a way he wasn't able to on site and felt he missed that opportunity... So he had a chance today and the mother and son were very touched. Another team member took a picture of a young father and daughter in day 1 as the love the father had for the daughter captured his heart. Today he realized as he prepared his blessing for them after working in their house that this was the same family.

We ended the night sharing our thoughts of the day and doing a team builder. Each of us had to pick someone on the team to encourage and share what we have seen in their life this week. There were a few tears and we realized that this is a team that God put together for this time and we are blessed!

Here are a few quotes from some of the team...

"I have sensed the prayers for us during the whole time and I am blessed by the work being done in this community"

"I have always wanted to do something like this and I am thankful that my wife was able to let me come"

"I love cheesecake and the first bite is the best... But with this trip the last bite is as good as the first".

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mary pace said on November 27, 2015

Thank you for sharing, what a beautiful experience you all have had...Thank you Lord for that. Looks like beautiful country...may the Lord continue to keep you safe.... Mike I hope you didn't lose Dads camera, just kidding.....looking forward to seeing more pictures and stories.......Mary

Jean and Jim Revill said on November 27, 2015

You have (all) accomplished so much, not just in building the houses. Congratulations! The memories you carry home are bound to be so precious. God's blessing for a safe journey home on Sunday. Mum and Jim