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Day #7 - April 9, 2016

Apr 9/2016

El Salvador

An encounter with Jesus completely transformed the Christian-hating Saul of Tarsus into the Christ-promoting Apostle Paul, whose letters to the churches he planted comprise a large part of our New Testament in the Bible. In our devotional this morning, we were reminded how God used the gifts and abilities that Paul already had to spread Christianity across the known world. We are called to do the same thing in our work here, and we are called to use these gifts without judging those whom we are serving. We were challenged to say how we commit to using our gifts for God when we go back home.

Our last full day in El Salvador afforded the team a time of rest and refreshment before heading home. We visited the market in San Vicente where all manner of goods are sold. Then we headed to the beach near the airport where we had lunch, jumped waves in the ocean, had (multiple) siestas in the hammocks and watched the sun set. We headed over to a hotel near the airport to be close for an early morning flight. It was a wonderful day to continue processing all we have seen and heard and learned over the past week, both individually and as a team.

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Harold Johnson said on April 10, 2016

We give thanks and praise for the work and love extended by the team, and for their safe return home.