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El Salvador - Day #1, November 19, 2017

Nov 19/2017

El Salvador

Oh the green! The view from the plane, the blast of heat as you step off is such a wonderful contrast to the winter we left behind. After stuffing our winter gear into bags, we headed out late Friday night , sleeves rolled up, and ready to see lives changed. 

The first impressions have been so wonderful. Love how so many windows and doorways are decked out for Christmas. Snowflakes and tinsel hanging from the ceiling! Can’t help but smile! Everyone we’ve met so far has been so hospitable. We started our first full day off by meeting the 18 families we are building for. So beautiful to see their shy smiles and hear the voices of the people we’ve been praying about for months. This is getting real. After a quick lunch in the shade we jumped back into the truck to visit a community called Valle Verde that many Heartland teams of the past have raised up in prayer, fundraised for, and built alongside Shelter Canada.

Personally impacting the lives of a few of the ladies on our team, with tears of joy and warm hugs, we all got to see how personal these corrugated metal houses can become. Each home a reflection of its owners, some painted in pinks, torquoise, and flowers. Some decorated with pretty fabric curtains and framed posters. Each a home of its own. Then, as if the day couldn’t get any better, we went to a late afternoon church service. It was a beautiful sermon on the hope of God’s promises. Topped off with a personal testimony glorifying God and his faithfulness! It has been such a perfect start to the week! We are officially ready to start building bright and early tomorrow! 

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TANIS WATKINS-BOUCHER said on November 26, 2017

Beautiful.....and THIS is love in action...many hearts lifted...