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El Salvador - Day #2-5, November 20-23, 2017

Nov 23/2017

El Salvador

Where has the week gone!?

We have had a building, bonding, and beautiful experience. Eighteen houses have been completed by our Heartland ladies team! We are thrilled and humbled to have met and worked alongside so many wonderful families. 

We hosted a “Women sharing Life Together” day at the church. The morning was fantastic as the women from the church taught our women to prepare and cook pupusas, enchiladas, tortillas and stuffed sandwiches. Many laughs were had by the locals as they attempted to grill our imperfect pupusas. We showed them how to make apple crisp and Waldorf salad... but we are not convinced they were a big hit! 

The ladies from the community we built in came at lunch time and we served them the food prepared from the morning. It was wonderful to share a meal together with the team, the community and the church. 

After lunch, Krista shared a message from the book of Ruth and reminded us all that the Lord is enough! He provides whatever is lacking. This was followed by testimonies from a lady from the church, a lady from the village and three ladies from our team. It was a powerful and emotional afternoon. I am so blessed at how vulnerable my sisters in Christ made themselves. Many hearts were touched and the Lord confirmed in many ways why he called each one to share. 

The day ended with our team washing the feet of our new friends. It was like nothing else, a moment in time that will not be forgotten soon. 

Tomorrow we will be presenting the keys to the families and having supper in the village with the community of Barrio Concepcion where we built. It is met with feelings of thankfulness, excitement, and some sadness as we realize we may not share time again with the new friends we have made. 

The team has come to a new level of faith, understanding of the Kingdom, and humbleness in spirit from our time here in San Vicente. 

I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done. Psalms 9:1 

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