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El Salvador Day #2 - March 26, 2017

Mar 26/2017

El Salvador

Started the day with eggs, toast and a devotion from Jose. Then we headed out to meet the 20 families we will be building for. First we were able to tour our first four build sites and personally meet the families.  We learned their names, age and family members in the home. Next we went over to the Sugar Cane Prossesing Site. Patricia explained how the sugar cane was pressed out and then the juices are boiled and thickened to block form. The sugar cane is then used as a substitute for our white sugar (they cook with it, bake with it, in very small concentrations). 

Then we had lunch at the look out point. (We're living on peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches with fresh fruit :P and coke and grape pop.) 

After our lunch break we drove back to OEF the base camp for a siesta. 

At 5:45 we joined the local church for their service. We enjoyed their lively music and the passion that Pastor Amilcar expressed. 

For dinner we went to Pollos Campero (a fried chicken place), Alan and Kaylan pounded back 30 hot wings. Alan needed it to be our fearless truck leader. 

See you guys tomorrow! 

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Donna Dziwenka said on March 27, 2017

Love the blog!! Great job. We are praying for you all! Love Donna and Brooke

donna janke said on March 28, 2017

great blog doesnt sound like you'll go hungry love and prayers Kaylan,s mom donna