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El Salvador - Day #6, November 24, 2017

Nov 24/2017

El Salvador

Today was just another good reason how we all know our God is a good God!

Being a women’s team, we had a focus of wanting to encourage the women of El Salvador. One such woman we are proud to know here is Carie McAllister. Our “on the ground” missionaries from Calgary, Alberta have lived here for 7 years. Carie and Stuart have worked diligently to connect with the local communities as well as the local church. Today, our team went and participated with Carie in what we might call at home “Zumba”. I can tell you that there was much sweating and a lot of laughing and we hope it was an encouragement to her.

We checked out the market, which is full of the sights and smells of El Salvador. Some bought lots and lots and others bought a little. 

The key ceremony was the highlight for many of us. We all noticed a significant change in the families since Sunday when we first met. They were relaxed and it felt like a big family. Our team shared many heartfelt words and we celebrated together the beginning of a new chapter for these precious families. Tears were shed as we pulled out of the village, it’s hard to leave behind a piece of our hearts. 

We have all become so close on our team so we will value our final day tomorrow and look forward to meeting up with our other Heartland team and spend the day sharing experiences. 

"You have made known to me the paths of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence." - Acts 2:28 

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