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The Refuge Community

At Heartland, we call our Youth Ministry - The Gate Community. This name finds it's roots within the pages of God's Word, the Bible...

Psalm 24:7 (ESV)

    Lift up your heads, O gates!
    And be lifted up, O ancient doors,
    that the King of glory may come in.

One of the best ways to understand this verse is to jump ahead in time to the Middle Ages. According to ancient custom, when the King of England entered the City of London, a servant would declare the King is approaching. The servant would stand outside the city wall and demand entrance in the king's name, crying, "Open the gate!" Then the royal party would hear the response from within: "Who is there?" To which the servant would answer, "The King of England!" Then the gates would swing open and the king would enter the city and receive a royal welcome from his loyal subjects.

We live in an entertainment culture, where the youth groups of today have very little to offer in the way of entertainment in comparison to what today's teenager can find in the world around them. We chose the name... "The Gate Community" because we are not in the entertainment business! Rather, we exist to offer the next generation a place to genuinely pursue God's presence. Within the Gate Community, we stand at the gate ready, holding them wide open, and serving at the pleasure of the King... the King of Glory. Whether you are new to God and church or a veteran of these things, we hope you will find this a safe community to be part of and one where you can continue to discover who you are, what church is all about, and have a lot of fun in the process.

Our community includes:

If you are in one of these groups we invite you to come be part of our Community! Come as you are.

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Wade Gardiner

Pastor of Children & Youth - Team Lead

Wade grew up in Sherwood Park and joined the Heartland team in June 2009. Prior to Heartland, he was on the pastoral staff at Sherwood Park Alliance Church for ten years working with students from grades 5-12 and Young Adults, and where he also ran a drop-in centre for skateboarders and bmx'ers. Wade is a graduate of Taylor University College and the Arrow Leadership Program. He enjoys coaching, playing, and watching basketball, hockey, or football.  He is married to Sharla, his high school sweetheart, and they have three children. Wade is passionate that students have a foundational understanding of their faith and that they have real encounters with the presence of God.

Jordan Regier

Pastor of Young Adults

Jordan has a passion for teaching and seeing young adults grow in their relationship with God. He desires to see young people come to an understanding of the Bible, spiritual disciplines, and above all embrace their position as sons and daughters of God by developing an intimate relationship with the living God. When not studying or working he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Eileen, studying and discussing theology, reading, and playing board games.