Getting baptized at Heartland

*If you are interested in getting baptized please contact the church at for options.  

Baptism is an illustration of being washed. It is a picture of Christ's death and resurrection; a picture of new birth. When a person gives their life to Jesus, baptism is the next step for that person to publicly confess what Jesus has done in washing their sin away.

Our baptism preparation is a little different for children and youth.
Please contact Pastor Wade for more information at

To be baptized at Heartland, please complete the following steps:

Step 1: 

Watch the sermon teaching on Baptism:

Step 2:

Complete the Baptism Study Worksheet.
Print a hard copy to fill out HERE,
or fill out the online worksheet HERE.  

Step 3:

Register for an upcoming baptism weekend HERE.
Upcoming baptism weekends:
November 16/17, 2024
April 19/20, 2025

Pastors and Small Group Leaders, who are members, are able to perform baptisms at Heartland.


You will receive confirmation from the church office once all items have been received.

Please note, your spot is not confirmed until you have received confirmation from the office.

Your Pastor or Small Group Leader will connect with you to review your testimony and give further instructions.