Craig Cadwell

Pastor of Renewal & Small Groups

Joy Cadwell

Pastor of Women & Administration

Greg Mulligan

Executive Pastor

Rob Macgillivray

Pastor of Communications

Wade Gardiner

Pastor of Kids & Youth—Team Lead


Al Andrus

Founding Pastor

Amy Nahnybida

Director of Heartland Kids - Weekend Ministries & Resources

Austin Norlin

Pastor of Young Adults

Charissa Baerg

Director of Heartland Kids - Family Connections & Support

Karla Gautreau

Administrative Manager

Kris Schmidtke

Pastor of Single Adults

Kristy MacGillivray

Director of Guest Services & Events

Scott Lasuik

Pastor of Worship Arts

Sydney Courville

Pastor of Youth

Yolande Tkachyk

Director of Women's Ministry


Alex Crawford

Administrative Assistant

Anna Fraser

Ministry Coordinator - Youth

Byron Gardiner

Facility Coordinator

Caleb Peters

Ministry Coordinator - Young Adults

David Tilroe


Hanna Peters-Beckman

Administrative Assistant

Heather Lewis

Associate Director of Encounter Homeschoolers

Jacqui Koop

Executive Assistant

Jon Courville

Encounter Sports - Youth & Family Connections Director

Kim Bohaychuk

Payroll & Accounting

Lauren Ibrahim

Ministry Coordinator - Grade 5/6

Leanne Austring

Encounter Sports - Office Manager

Lisa Shorten

Food Services Coordinator

Lora Maki

Administrative Assistant

Lynnette Boyden

Donations & Bookkeeping

Mary Batuwa


Meghan MacMillan

Visual Design Coordinator - Communications & Worship

Nathali Gomez

Weekend Coordinator - Heartland Kids

Rob McGibbon


Sam Johnston

Ministry Coordinator - Kids & Youth Worship

Will Cadwell

Ministry Coordinator - Youth